Week 2

Runner Bean's usual pose-head down in a Design magazine and not a pair of trainers in sight...

Runner Bean’s usual pose-head down in a Design magazine and not a pair of trainers in sight…

I have found another way to do my marathon training without actually running; extensive research into GPS watches… I did not know that there was such a huge selection of running watches, probably because I have never been inclined to look before. After several hours of ‘training’ whilst eating Hob Nobs and squinting at my screen, I drove, note drove not ran to the running shop. ‘I need a simple running watch please’ I said to the tall, slim athletic assistant who clearly did a marathon before porridge every morning. ‘ Yes, just a straight forward one, no bells and whistles as I can’t even use the Sky Remote’. ‘Oh you need the Soleus, it is very user friendly and only £99’. £99! I gulped. I could have a meal for 6 at Pizza Express for that and in hindsight it would have been better value. ‘Yes dead simple with clear instructions’ he added whilst popping it in a trainer sized carrier bag. I handed over the credit card (mine this time) and dashed home to do more ‘training without moving’. OMG, what a horrendously complicated monster the Soleus is! ‘Clear instructions’, after finally donning my spectacles I realised I had spent 7 minutes trying to read the Mandarin version. Even my husband (with an Engineering Degree) failed to grasp the basics quickly so I knew there was no hope for me the Sky Remote Virgin… Two hours later, half of which was spent sitting in the garden in the rain trying to pick up the GPS signal, he announced it was working. Problem was, I had lost the enthusiasm to go running that day.

Thought for tonight…. I really must get down to some Marathon training, but might have to Google ‘running watches for idiots’ first.

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at: http://www.justgiving.com/jayneandtrevorwebb


One thought on “Week 2

  1. Sarah Blake says:

    Brilliant Jane, made me laugh out loud! Hope you’ve filled in your running diary after tonight’s run and don’t forget your speed training yesterday.Have you got your watch to work yet? I’ve got a garmin which is great except I can’t read it while I’m running without my reading specs !

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