Dehydration Desperation


Typical Dormans Park House

Last night Husband agreed to  accompany me on my ‘LONG RUN’.  He had mapped out a route  that would be scenic, off road and cover the required 11 miles.  I didn’t see much of him on the run. In fact he was so far in the distance he may has well have been in the office.  When he and Toby, the dog, did lose sight of me puffing and panting  a few fields behind they would both bound back to me then sprint back to where they had started just to show solidarity.  Wrong.  ‘Look  how fit and fast we are ‘ they implied and I just got more and more hacked off. I secretly hoped Husband (not dog)  might stumble in a cow pat  and sink until just his head was showing.

By hour 2 of the run I had a total sense of humour failure.  ‘Come on Bean’ he kept on shouting.  ‘Bugger off you’, I kept on mumbling.  The pretty route from Lingfield to East Grinstead takes in the beautiful houses of Dormans Park  however, there are also  an unnecessary amount of hills.  At one point I noticed a tatty pub in the distance . ‘ I need water’ I  gasped . ‘Ok fine, you run on ahead and I’ll get some water’  he replied helpfully.  I plodded down the hill, my mood lifted by the thought of a quick Evian. Three minutes later he sprinted back.  ‘Sorry no bottled water there.  ‘No water in a bloody pub’ I screamed.  I would have had bottle of Malibu instead.  We continued home in silence.

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