County Border News???

Scan jHello.  If you are new to my blog please scroll down to the first blog entitled ‘Oh No’ otherwise you won’t have a clue what is going on…

I am pleased to announce that my blog has now gone viral.  I have readers in the UK (obviously), the USA, the Philippines, Guernsey and Malta.  Either that, or whenever anyone Googles ‘Runner bean and bacon salad’ they end up on my page.

Yesterday, whilst in a meeting, a text popped up from my great neighbour Johnny ‘Page 3 next week?’ it read.  We have always had a bit of a flirty thing going on but this was taking it a bit far…  ‘Was I in another love triangle I wasn’t aware of?’  Anyway I quickly regained my composure in front of this awfully dull client and then forgot all about it.  On my return home there it was staring at me from the front door mat….  The 20 stone photo of me in Macmillan T shirt on the front page of the Lingfield County Border News.  I had been on page 14 last week and was on the front page this week.  God they must be short of news in the area.  Soon after I got a lovely text from Little Trevor ‘Dearest Runner Bean front page this week!’  I replied back ‘Great PR for Macmillan but lots of people might now read my blog and find out about us‘.

My teenagers are very unimpressed about my blog, and indeed my newspaper features.  Not a flicker of enthusiasm at all.  After I had written one post which I thought was particularly brilliant I showed it to Daughter.  ‘Mum, she scowled.  ‘I don’t get it.  Why would anyone be interested in you?’  Oh great.  Running a marathon has met with the same level of enthusiasm however, I do secretly think the kids are impressed as they have told a few of their friends.  Unless they disclosed it in the usual scornful tone of ‘guess what my highly annoying mother (who doesn’t understand me) is doing next?’ Etc… etc…

I have come to conclusion there are only two things I can do to impress my kids; one, learn how to use an Ipad and two, borrow a white Range Rover Evoque for the day.

PS.  So far overy 400 people have read my blog but less than 10 have donated via my Just Giving page.  Please donate


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