Uphill Mile

Everest-from-Gokyo1[1]Thank you everyone who has so kindly donated to Macmillan so far via my Just Giving page and by email.  I will now continue my story…

‘Help’ said Little Trevor.  ‘Sorry to bother you.  I seem to have lost Lynda’s mobile number and I was wondering if she could make the Uphill Mile tomorrow night?’  What on earth was the time???  I glanced quickly at my alarm clock.  Crikey,  it was only 9.32pm. This running was really taking it out of me.

The next evening I too was doing the Uphill Mile ‘Fun’ run which, quite frankly, had nothing going for it.  It was a boiling hot evening, we had to drive to a mountain in the Ashdown Forest and, it was uphill.  We drove to the bottom of the hill but did not stop.  No, we drove and parked at the top.  This meant that we had to run down before we even started the ascent.  I jogged down so slowly to conserve energy that everyone was waiting for me at the bottom.  As I was the most handicapped of all the runners the plan was that I would start first, so I hardly had time to draw breathe before I was off again up sodding Everest. God it was steep! I did try to run, honest, but the gradient and lack of oxygen at that altitude got the better of me and I had to walk for a while.  I then started to jog again but soon noticed I was being overtaken whilst jogging by the others who had decided to walk. So I gave up and walked the Uphill Run.  I did a limp sprint to the finish just to show willingly then collapsed in hot heap.   The ‘Keenos’ in the club then decided to race around the forest liked deluded hares for 20 minutes just to take in the scenery whilst I was lying unconscious in the boot of a friend’s little red KA with a bottle of water.  What a way to spend a Tuesday evening.  I think an evening watching the Test Match highlights with Hairy Male Teenager might have been marginally better.

The next morning a cheery email came in from Little Trevor which said ‘Everyone enjoyed the Uphill Mile so much last night we will be doing it again next week.’  Not me….

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at: http://www.justgiving.com/jayneandtrevorwebb


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