Shoes and more shoes

imagesCA21SI5SOn a particularly long and boring car journey this week I decided to liven things up a bit.  ‘I am going to spend £100 on shoes in New York for every mile I complete of the Marathon’.  Absolutely no reaction from Husband…  ‘Actually I might run from Staten Island to Central Park and back, then I could spend £5240’.  Still no reaction.  Either he was driving while asleep or this comment was so ridiculous he wasn’t even going to grace it with a reply.  Ok I admit this is absurd but it is strange fantasies like this which keep me going on the lonely miles of my LONG RUNS.  I have so much time on my own on these runs that I go into minute details in my head.  ‘So 26.2 miles times two is 52.4 miles so that is £5240, so the shoes I would buy are…Boots, yes nice brown leather boots, wedges, yes I need a beige pair and so on….’  What will I be fantasising about by the time my LONG RUNS  are over 20 miles?  Christ even I might get arrested.  We continued the car journey in silence, while I festered on Husband’s lack of response.

That afternoon my spirits were suddenly lifted.  Husband was in the garden with 2 bamboo canes stuck in the lawn vertically and he was a tying piece of string between the them.  ‘YIPPEE,’ he was working out a way to trip me up on the Marathon course.  Perhaps he does believe I will finish it after all…

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


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