East Grinstead 10K

Thank you to everyone who came to my Macmillan World Biggest Coffee Morning today.  We raised over £600.

image002[1]Last Sunday was the East Grinstead 10k.  I have done this race in the past and have always come in second from last, hotly pursued by Little Trevor of course.  Little Trevor wasn’t running this year and I was particularly keen to see whether all my training had paid off.  Husband Trevor was off on some obscenely LONG RUN that day so I hitched a lift in Little Trevor’s blue Polo.  It was nice to spend some time with him being driven down the A22 at break neck speed.  I  realised that this was partly caused by his inability to see over the steering wheel.  As usual there were lots of superb athletic specimens on the start line.  Many were running around the playing field to warm up.  I knew that if I did that I would be so exhausted I wouldn’t finish the race.  I got chatting to a lovely 80 year old lady as I lurked about at the back.  She said that she was a very slow runner and just enjoyed taking in the scenery on these runs.  ‘ Mmmmm’ I thought ‘I have chance of beating her.’  Sadly she shot off like a greyhound at the start and I only caught up with her when she slowed down to tell a fellow runner that she was in training for her 5th London Marathon.  My ‘Octogenarian Elite Athlete’ warning system was activated and I resigned myself to being last.  At one point the race goes down the Worth Way to a turning point then the runners come back the same way.  I was gutted to notice that before I had even huffed and puffed onto this section runners were coming back!  Soon I settled into my usual mode, completely on my own trying to think about anything but running whilst running.  As it was a race I did put in a bit of extra effort and noticed that a few ‘Weightwatchers new recruits’ were actually behind me.  I made sure they stayed there and I finished 8th from last.  Brilliant!  Little Trevor was on the finishing line yelling ‘Come on Runner Bean’ and leaping up and down so much he looked normal height for a few fleeting nano seconds.  This spurred me on and I did a pretty good sprint finish.  As usual he made lots of positive comments about me being 5 minutes faster than last year and he failed to point out that, according to his clipboard, I was 12 minutes slower than the next Lingfield runner.  That is why I love him.


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