Pamela Anderson[1]I have heard that Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame will be running the New York Marathon with me this year.  I sure hope she wears a good sports bra otherwise she could take out 2000 runners before the Mile 1 marker.  I don’t usually care what I look like when running however for the Big Event I am considering a spray tan, nail extensions and false eyelashes just in case I end up on the front cover of Hello! magazine with Tom Cruise.  Apparently Pamela has run up to 10 miles so far.  Not exactly the recommended training regime for this distance.  I, on the other hand, ran 17 painful miles yesterday.  I am forced to sit and write a blog this morning as anything more strenuous than staring at a laptop is out of the question today.  I hate these EXTRA LONG RUNS so much that the thought of doing one on a Sunday actually spoils the rest of the weekend.  The only time I cheer up is when I have limped home, had a shower, and sat down to eat a whole Victoria sponge singlehandedly in front of the X Factor.  Boy that feels good.  The great news is that I now only have 3 more EXTRA LONG training runs before the Marathon and after, if I chose, I don’t ever  have to run another mile.  That sounds so good right now.

Just to clarify we have paid for our flights, accommodation and Marathon entries ourselves so that every penny I raise will go directly to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


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