Lingfield Running Club

4528215128_320x241[1]A friend of mine persuaded me to join the running club. She had taken up running (again) and wanted a friend for support. Quite frankly I was terrified of this Lycra Army who moved so swiftly down the high street 3 times a week. They were runners and I could only sit in awe as I chomped through 2000 calories of Chicken Jalfrezi in the Bengal Village.

Anyway I did turn up one Tuesday evening and hid at the back by the Biffa bins in the car park. I was approached by the most lovely smiley man, Little Trevor who had founded the running club 30 years ago. He was adorable, so welcoming, kind and keen to include everyone and make sure that they enjoyed running. I have spent most of my runs plodding along with him as, at the age of 76, he is the only runner I can keep up with… sometimes. I am officially Lingfield Running Club’s slowest runner but at least I have the most club members to cheer me when I finally finish a race. Not sure that’s a good thing though. It is so stressful trying to do a Usain speed sprint for the finish line as if I had been running that fast all the way….

As soon as Little Trevor realised I was going to turn up at running club more than once he managed to get my mobile number on the pretext of needing to confirm some race days arrangements. Since then he has sent me an inbox full of encouraging little texts along the lines of ‘Dear Jayne I am going for a short slow run with the club this evening and it would be lovely if you could join me.’ How can I refuse? He once persuaded me to buy a Lingfield Running Club vest for a race. I was mortified, ‘how could I come in anonymously last wearing that? People would think that at my pace I was deluded to be advertising any sort of club affiliation. ‘Don’t worry Jayne I want slow runners to wear them to show we are a very friendly and non competitive club.’ Hmmm not exactly flattering. However there is something rather comforting about hearing a cheery ‘come on Lingfield’ as I approach a marshall at a race. I suspect he shows such enthusiasm as he knows I am the last runner and he can go home when ‘that slow blonde Lingfield one has gone past.’

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


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