New York Marathon training week 1

a549049d-edc0-4f32-90ad-375a2db08296[1]The marathon training has gone really well this week. I have spent hours pouring over the running book section on Amazon and bought a few books. ‘Running Like a Girl’ by Alex Heminsley is great. I can so relate to that lady, well in the first few chapters at least. ‘The Non Runner’s Marathon Guide for Women’ was a bit too American for me-lots of references to your ‘butt’. ‘The Women’s Marathon Training Guide’ was informative however seeing a svelte Nell McAndrew (model) on the front who runs sub 3 hour marathons terrified rather than inspired. I have also spent a lot of training time looking at running shoes on the web. I thought that ‘Gel technology’ was what my teenage son applies to his hair every morning but apparently there is more to it.

I devised a 24 week training schedule on an Excel spread sheet and used lots of colours and high lighting. It looked amazing. Then I realised I only had 20 weeks until the Big Day and so had to delete a few rows. My first long run will be 6 miles. Really?? Anyway one of my rare forays into the world of Excel has been a triumph. I have stuck my schedule to the fridge with a cautionary fridge magnet that states ‘Fridge Pickers Wear Big Knickers.’

I am running out of marathon training tasks that don’t involve any running. Any ideas?

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


3 thoughts on “New York Marathon training week 1

  1. Victoria says:

    Have you started researching running outfits for the marathon yet. I’m sure that will take at least two evenings then that leaves you 5 in the week to go RUNNING

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