Adidas-Sunglasses-1340[1]I wore my new Adidas running sunglasses tonight for Running Club.  Not because it was particularly sunny but rather as a means of disguise.  I had heard that Little Trevor had started reading my Blog and I didn’t know how well he was going to take it.  At first he didn’t acknowledge me as I stood in the crowd in the Club car park and I felt rather pleased that my disguise had worked.  Then I panicked.  What if he had spotted me but was no longer speaking to me after everything I had written?  I knew he was  computer savvy as he once sent me a Facebook friend request at 12.23am.  ‘Hello Jayne’ he grinned ‘you are going to get me arrested.’ He then kissed me six times.  ‘Phew’ I sighed with relief.  He still loves me.

A few of my friends as are now reading my Blog, as a charitable gesture, and I need to clear something up.  They all think that Little Trevor is the Husband,  Well he isn’t. The problem is there are two Trevors in my life.  Little Trevor, who I love very much, and my Husband Trevor who I also love very much.

Both Trevors are runners, both Trevors are a bit short and both have my mobile phone number.  The thing is I get  more romantic messages from Little Trevor than I do from Husband.  ‘I am bell ringing on Sunday but could accompany you on at 10k at 11.00am if would like xx?’ was my last text from Little Trevor. ‘In meeting call later’ was my last text from Husband.

There is one advantage of having two Trevors.  In the unlikely event, I start dreaming about Little Trevor, with his size 10 flipper feet and blue VW Polo, and shout out his name out in the night,  Husband will be none the wiser.

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


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