Pet Shop

210[1]Husband doesn’t do shopping.  In fact he is allergic to it. Last time I got him to the shops was to buy a large red plastic fire engine for our son’s 3rd Birthday.  Son is now 14.  The only time a shopping ‘light bulb’ goes on in his head is if he is in the vicinity of a very expensive watch shop.  Usually If I need to do any shopping I get him to drive to me the Mall then position him in a watch shop window for a couple of hours whilst I use his credit card. Watches do nothing for me.  Diamonds yes, watches no.

Last Saturday we were driving to the Power Tool Depot as a treat for him so he agreed to the detour to get some food for the boys, Toby and Frimpong.  We wandered around the air conditioned bliss of ‘Us 4 Pets’ and I browsed the massive display of dog toys and biscuits.  Then I spotted them in all their  glory.  Clothes for dogs, in fact entire outfits for dogs.  Little Barbour jackets, knitted sweaters, hoodies, raincoats and tartan waistcoats.  I thought it would be wonderful to buy a few  for the boys. ‘Absolutely no way’ said Husband,  ‘Absolutely noooooo wayyyyy! I am not walking up Lingfield High Street with 2 dogs in Barbour jackets and sunglasses.  Forget it!’ Usually when he tells me to do something I just ignore it but I do like to encourage his dog walking activities so I compromised with a stuffed rodent for Frimpong and a super strength tennis ball for Toby.  However as he was loading the purchases in the car I did nip back inside and buy a gorgeous red and blue sweatshirt for a poodle.  I thought I could put it away for Little Trevor’s birthday present.

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