Nike gets a Tick

Nike-SportWatch-GPS-with-Sensor-Powered-by-TomTom-WM0070_700_A[1]After my last attempt at finding a ‘running watch for idiots’ I had resorted back to my previous method of planning my runs, the AA Autoroute Planner on line. This was fine for road runs but more tricky for any trail running so I just guessed these distances and stuck on 4 miles.

I noticed one evening that the elite Running Club runners were all wearing very nice new watches with huge screens THAT I COULD READ.  Apparently they were Nike + SportWatches.  Very simple to use, and great fun.  I dashed home and ordered one from John Lewis. Two days later my awaited green bagged delivery popped through my letter box.  I hurriedly opened it then realised I did not have time to study the instructions (in any language) before going off to work.  On my return I spotted a little black box in Toby’s dog basket. ‘Oh no, my watch’ I gulped.  On closer inspection I realised he had just chewed the packaging but the GPS sensor to put in your trainer had GONE!  I was convinced that Toby had eaten it. There was only one plus point to this; he would now have an in-built tracking device if we lost him in the woods.  I sighed with relief when I spotted it on the floor in bubble wrap.

I found the whole Nike + instructions experience very easy, even for me. On my next outing I nodded knowingly at the elite runners ‘with watch’ and pointed to my wrist.  ‘LINKING SENSORS START!’ It flashed.  As soon as I got home I managed to download  all of my run statistics onto the Nike + website. It was amazing, a little stick man danced and cheered and a huge banner came up saying ‘Well Done’. This is going to be so motivational and definitely my best purchase since my Baybliss Hot Brush.l_06474295[1]

I am running the New York Marathon 2013 for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


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