Toe talk

tumblr_m84x6mlw681r6pjb6o1_500[1]Husband has got the most seriously disgusting toe nails.  They are black and deformed.  Sometimes when I catch a glimpse of them as we get into bed I am tempted to run off to the spare room.  His ‘Fungi Feet’ as I call them, have always been at source of morbid curiosity to me, like something you might see pickled in a jar in the science lab at school.  The problem is I now have them.  I could claim that I caught them off him like Mumps or Measles but the truth is they are Runner’s feet.  I once Googled ‘Runners black toe nails’ and it appears this is a very common complaint, so I guess I should wear them like a badge of honour.  ‘I must be a proper runner now I have these gross mutant appendages.’  However the deformities don’t stop there.   I also have the most enormous lumps of hard skin dotted around my hooves. They are like giant carbuncles which have ruled out any strappy sandals for the whole of the summer.  Apparently as a distance runner you must not get them removed as they are grow to protect you from the impact of putting your feet down about 80 times per minute for hours on end. There is absolutely no way I could I could go for a pedicure now without requesting a  particularly strong stomached beautician in advance who won’t gag when I remove my shoes.  Oh the joys of running.  Thank God black nail varnish is still in.

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