run-fat-boy-run01_1797[1]I am now in the ‘tapering’ phase of my training which means, for the next week, I have to lie under a duvet watching TV and only venturing off the sofa to eat huge quantities of carbohydrates.  I am liking this phase.  Last night, as I am not allowed to move, we sat down as a family to watch ‘Run Fat Boy Run,’ the Simon Pegg film about a 30-something chain smoking fat bloke who takes on the challenge of running a marathon to win the love of his life back.  Most of the film is taken up with the actual race; how he is tripped over at the start and hurts his ankle, how he staggers for mile after mile, how he hits ‘the wall’ at mile 18 and how he ends up crawling on his hands and knees, covered in blood, to the finishing line.  At that point Hairy Male Teenager reached over to touch me gently on the shoulder and uttered the words ‘That will be you next week Mum.’  Could I have bought into the world a more tactless and insensitive son?

NEXT WEEK I am running the New York Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at: http://www.justgiving.com/jayneandtrevorwebb


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