Pain relief

r215423_836584[1]I have not mentioned my plodding injuries in my blog but believe me there have been many.  Ever since I started to do runs over 12 miles I have been plagued by various muscular skeletal catastrophes; hip, calf, hamstring, back etc, etc.  I have taken so many Nurofen that I have to keep going to different chemists as Boots in Lingfield is getting very suspicious of my buying habits.  Last week I picked up 3 packets in Tesco and hid then under the broccoli on the conveyor belt.  At the checkout the assistant said in the loudest voice possible ‘I am sorry madam we cannot sell you THIS amount of painkillers in one transaction.’  I mumbled something about ‘never knowing when you are going to get an awful headache’ and then went as red as my cherry tomatoes.  Before I go off to New York next week I have to say a special thank you to Nikki at Portland Physiotherapy Clinic in East Grinstead.  I started seeing Nikki about 6 weeks ago and on a regular basis she has massaged, prodded and pummelled me to get me through the next week. It has got to the stage when I just walk in and tell her what I have injured ‘this time’ and she fixes it.  She did politely suggest once that perhaps at my age and with my shape I wasn’t ‘cut out’ to run marathons.  So true.  Lately she has been using a lot of Kinesiology tape on me.  This is like giant lengths of neon blue Elastoplast which she stretches over various parts of my body to hold it together. There are 2 plus points to this; firstly it really helps, and secondly, when waiting at the traffic lights in my running gear, I look like a bloody serious runner with all this tape on.  I am however worried that when I finally remove it after the Marathon the entire left side of my body might drop off. We will wait and see.

NEXT WEEK I am running the New York Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you are enjoying reading my blogs please donate at:


2 thoughts on “Pain relief

  1. maxine says:

    I’m getting very excited now :-))) I have my nurofen stash as well that was first thing in my bag next trainers next tissues for the portaloo that’s all the important things 🙂

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