Ready, steady go!

images[6]This is my last blog before the Marathon.  We leave tomorrow night.  Even Little Trevor gave me a lovely send off this week.  He bought me a coffee at the sports club and drove me home in his little blue car as it was raining.  He then gave me a big kiss as I got out and a hug (or two).

I have become so terrified of forgetting something crucial that I have checked and re-checked my running kit a dozen times.  Despite having bought a new pair of shiny running shoes for Sunday I have decided to wear my trusty training trainers.  They have carried me round 350 miles of Surrey roads so I feel they deserve to share the Big Day.  I will never throw them away.  I might get them dipped in bronze like you do with Baby’s First Shoes.

I even bought a new suitcase for the trip.  ‘Great’ said Husband, ‘that is so big we can share.’  No we bloody well can’t!’  I blurted out.  ‘I need  this space to accommodate all my post Marathon shopping!’  That did not go down well on two counts.  Firstly, Husband’ s attire is once again relegated to a crappie Adidas holdall and secondly he is now fearful for his credit card balance.

I have gone to lengthy preparation this week.  I have had my legs waxed as I read that hair-free legs helps to reduce wind resistance on Olympic cyclists and I need all the help I can get.  I also went for the false eyelashes as I need to be prepared for any celebrity photo shoot opportunities.  I am however a bit concerned whether  the glue will hold up with all the sweat dripping from me.  I don’t want to end up with what looks like 2 squashed caterpillars crawling down my face at Mile 21. Having said that if I get to Mile 21 I will probably be past caring what I look like and more concerned about trying to stay vertical.

On a (rarely) serious note  I would like  to thank everyone who has supported me via donations, advice, encouragement, Twix  and belief in me over the past 6 months.  I promise I will do my very best on the day for you all and I will publish a final blog next week to let you know how I got on…

ON SUNDAY I am running the New York Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support. If you have enjoyed reading my blogs please donate at:


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